Are you working hard enough?

Sculpt your physique

Diet controls how much fat you have on your body. How you train controls what you look like under that fat.

So when you are considering how to train think about what you want to look like, what sort of body you aspire too. For most people the goal is NOT SKINNY.

So you can burn calories and build muscle, tone your body (that term is BS by the way) as well as increase your overall health and fitness by training smart with weights.

From my years of experience there is absolutely no body that cannot benefit from weight training either. Yes you may have to start light and spend a long time working on technique and form BUT there is no reason you cannot start. I have trained everyone from 8 year old kids to 76 year old women with all sorts of medical conditions, injuries and disabilities.

If you don’t believe me google “Miles Taylor Deadlifting” and then tell me YOUR excuse again?

If you have been training for a while but aren’t seeing much change in yoru physique then you have to assess whether you are pushing yourself enough? Are you using enough volume and/ or intensity to make your body need to change. For aesthetics VOLUME is usually key. For performance it’s more of a mixture but for overall physique changes its volume that has the biggest impact.

So you need to add more sets and reps to your sessions or use a heavier weight for the same sets and reps you’re presently doing. This may seem obvious but so many people get caught up in what they LIKE to do that they stop pushing and get comfortable.

The Comfort Zone is Where Progress goes to Die.