Buzz Words

You are being duped by marketing on a constant basis. As a species “Homo Sapiens” are some of the most easily influenced animals on the planet. We see something shiny in the field and the grass doesn’t even have to be greener any more, we just want that shiny thing!

In dieting circles your Bullshit meters should be on high alert at all times. It’s not about what actually works in this game, it’s more about how can they sell you on an idea?

You hear buzzwords like:-

Losing fat isn’t magic.

Autophagy, growth hormone, fasting, thermogenic, accelerated metabolism, unicorn poop and all the other terms that make it sound like you absolutely have to be doing whatever it is?

Then you get the people that have jumped on board said magical flying carpet and act like they know everything about it? So now we have the Buzzword, let’s go with Autophagy, you have some instafamous half naked guy or girl telling you that’s how they got their abs, then a bunch of people that jump on board.

Some of these people get results and these are what get shared as testimonial, you don’t see the hundreds that failed using said plan, now said guru is raised into the spotlight as a leader and teacher (Berg, DeLauer, Bines, anyone 😀)

Let’s make it very clear. The facts on fat loss aren’t easy to market:-
➡️ Eat less
➡️ Eat high protein
➡️ Move reguallry
➡️ Be strict and consistent.

Buzzwords however that make it sound to good to be true are easy to market. However read this carefully:- THEY ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

There is no diet that lest you eat what you want and lose weight without eating less than you burn. There is no unlimited food diet. You cannot eat as much fat as you want just cos you cut out carbs.

Don’t buy into Bullshit. Suck it up and accept you have to work hard to get results.. if it was easy we wouldn’t have problems with obesity, heart disease and diabetes.