Keto.. On a Budget!

Keto on a Budget!
Keto on a Budget!

Keto on a budget is something that is posted almost daily. I honestly wish everyone did keto on a strict budget because it means you get to the very foundations of the diet and the people who do this, quite honestly get the best results.

Stripping it back to its core means everything is much easier to track and there’s very little moving parts to go wrong.

It’s not hard to do keto on a budget, it just means you have to be a little more willing to sacrifice the “luxuries” and whilst some people may find it boring, for me, its bliss.

You need to start making time to plan. Everyone is busy, I get it. It doesn’t take long to come up with a basic weekly plan and the time you spend at this first step – you will save time and money at the shops.

So lets look at some things you can do in order to get the most out of keto on a budget.

🛑 Getting rid of the excess you do not need. Supplements. Pills. Drinks. Pee strips. All these things that people associate with keto, but have absolutely zero effect on your diet. Remove them!

🛑 Stop ‘ketofying’ food. What does this mean? Keto brownies. Keto cakes. Keto pancakes. Stop. These recipes are filled with convoluted and expensive ingredients. Put the almond flour back on the shelf. Step away from the sugar free lollies. Simplify your diet.

Prepping our meat!
Prepping your meat!

🛑 Use versatile cuts of meat. Meatballs, Taco bowls, burgers, beef chow mein. What do these meals have in common? MINCE! Use chicken breast, beef mince, rump steaks etc. These meats are versatile. You can use them 1000 different ways. This also makes tracking your food easier – its all the same cut!

I would also suggest buying your meat from a butcher. I use Australian Butcher Shop/Tasman Meats. I do all my meat shopping there, in bulk. An example of my month shop is.

15-20kg Chicken breast – skin on (its $1 per kg cheaper and I remove the skins)
5kg Drumsticks
8-10 Pork Chops
8-10 Steaks
4-5kg Beef Mince
2kg Pork Mince
4 Roasts (either silverside, pork shoulder, beef brisket etc all can be had fairly cheaply).

This usually costs me 220-250 dollars. It feeds 2 adults – including me who is on 300P and 3000 calories a day for a month.

🛑 Remove added fats. Cream, MCT, butters etc. If you are adding extra fat into your coffee or meals, stop. Fatty cuts of meat at the butcher are often much more cost effective. By focusing on your protein as a source of fat, it allows you to buy the cheaper cuts without blowing your macros out of the water.

🛑 Find a Farmers market/fresh vegatable market. If you’re in South East Melbourne, there are two I use – Bushy Park and Pellegrinos. I spend around 20 there a week, plus around 16 dollars on eggs.

People were complaining last month that cauliflower was 7.50 a kg at the supermarkets. Suckers. I was paying 2.50.

Cabbage is the great filler. Chuck that shit in everything.

🛑 We’ve eliminated Coles and Woolies for your meat and veg, from there all you need are little bits and pieces. Make a shopping list. Sticking to your list and not wandering the isles will do wonders for your bills.

This is where meal planning really comes into it. It doesnt need to be an elaborate plan, just Monday: Burgers Tuesday: Steak etc Just a general outline.

The less trips you make to the shop, the better. We now live in a society where people go to the supermarket once a day for their meals because its convenient. Stop this immediately.

🛑 No waste. Stalks of broccoli and cauliflower make great vegetable stock. Bones and offcuts make great bone broth. Leftovers are tomorrows lunch.

There’s no reason not to be eating delicious, healthy foods that ALSO fit your budget. Sure, it may mean a little more planning, and a bit of sacrificing here and there – but if $$$ is what is stopping you from getting started, then you’re buying the wrong things.