MOTM: April 2019

Wow, what a difference!
Wow, what a difference!

Paul joined our group relatively recently, but he didn’t let that hold him back. Dropping almost 14kg since the start of the year, he’s done well to strip away a bunch of fat and even build a little muscle. His goals have recently changed to building muscle, but he’s still enjoying the keto life and helping others in the group get started on their journeys. I had a quick chat to Paul, here’s what he had to say:

What made you decide to want to lose weight?  Have you tried dieting before, and if so – any success?

I started to stack on the weight in the second half of 2018 because I was really busy with work and family life and didn’t have the energy to make decent food or make time for myself.  It sounds like such a cliche but I feel like I just didn’t have the time to do anything to help myself!  

Yes, I’ve tried dieting a few times but only once successfully back in 2010/11.  I was training to trek to Everest Base Camp in November 2011 and was eating very well, probably along the lines of dirty/medical style keto, and exercising about 5 days per week.  I made it down to 57.8kgs at my lightest which made the trek easy for me but I had no muscle definition as such, just a lot of endurance capacity and not much weight to move around the mountains!

Why keto?

I looked into keto again during the period between Christmas and New Year 2018 (probably whilst eating too much Christmas pudding!) because of the success I’d had in the past.  I’ve done quite a lot of research into keto and macros etc and liked the fact that it kept carbs low because I knew that these were the biggest hindrance to losing weight.

What changes did you guys make in the house to ease the transition? Did you get any help along the way?

We stopped buying prepackaged meals and crap to snack on!  We started to buy plain protein sources such as steak and chicken breasts and simple green vegetables which could be made into a meal without too much effort or time.  The help of this group has been great, every time I’ve asked for help or advice it’s been given in a really straight forward and common sense way.  The bootcamp started after my fifth week of following this way of eating and seemed to turbo charge my mental side, physical side and overall well being so I found this to be a huge help.

Do you think keto is something you’ll continue doing long term?

100%.  I absolutely love this way of eating, it really suits me as someone who could eat steak for every single meal of the day!  The nutritional keto macro profile makes it easy for me to plan meals which the whole family can eat and enjoy.  Thankfully I’m very disciplined when I want to be which is a massive help to be successful in following keto whilst others around you are hooking into the carbs!

What was your starting weight, and what is it now? How long have you got to go to reach your goal weight, or if you have – where to from here?

My starting weight was 76.4kg on 1st January 2019 and my weight at the end of March was 62.6kg so I’ve dropped 13.8kg!  My goal weigh initially was 66kg which I’ve surpassed and I’m yet to come up with another goal but I do want to continue to strip away body fat whilst retaining my lean muscle mass.  I would like to begin to gain muscle and bulk which is why I’m yet to fix a goal weight at present.

Looking Strong
Paul is Looking Strong!

Any new goals you have set out for yourself from a health perspective?

My first goal is really just to continue to eat well and control my weight without gaining fat.  My second goal is in relation to exercising – I want to consistently hit the gym 5 to 6 times a week to help me bulk up.  I want to learn how to swim better than I do now because I currently swim like a 100kg concrete block!  I’d love to begin racing in triathlons and now it’s written down I can be accountable to the group so please follow me up and ask how I’m doing!

What is your advice for anyone wishing to get started and shed the weight?

The search function in the group is your best friend and please read the information on the announcements page because it has some amazing information on there which has been painstakingly prepared by those who are much more in the know than you!  My next biggest piece of advice is track, track and track!  I had no idea how much I was overeating and would have definitely been underestimating the calorie content and macro make up of the food I was eating.  I would also recommend going straight into the program and not easing yourself into this way of eating – the sooner you embrace nutritional keto, the sooner you will be shedding the weight and fat!

Wow Paul, you’ve really kicked some ass here! We’ll be sure to catch up with you in future as you continue your journey. If you’re new and wanting to get started on your journey, make sure you check out our facebook group where you’ll find plenty of information, people to talk to, and others sharing their journey!