MOTM: August 2019

Victoria's Transformation
Victoria’s Transformation – killed it!!!

Victoria is one of the most familiar faces in our group – and with good reason. Being one of the most helpful and regular contributors, she’s not only helped hundreds if not thousands of you on your own journeys, but her own transformation is nothing short of astounding! We’re honoured to have her as a part of our group, and proud to call her August’s Member of the Month! We caught up for a bit of a chat, here’s what Victoria had to say.

Tell me a bit about your background. What were the major motivators that inspired you to start your weight loss journey?

I have struggled with my weight from when I was a teenager but it got really out of hand when I got pregnant. After that I went up and down for years. My family is full of larger people. We LOVE food and all of our gatherings involve feasts. Most of my best memories involve food which makes it hard not to relate food to being happy. Plus I love eating out and watching movies with snacks. I know health should have been my main reason for wanting to lose weight but I honestly just wanted to be able to wear cute clothes and cosplay at comic con (something I managed to do this year!!).

Why keto? Had you tried anything else before?

Like a lot of people, seeing everyone’s amazing results is what put Keto on my radar. Luckily I was added to this page first so I got correct information from the very start. Keto appealed to me because my youngest daughter and my ex-husband both have coeliacs disease so I’d already learnt to read labels carefully and avoiding bread and pasta were not an issue. I have previously lost weight calorie counting however never for long.

What changes did you guys make in the house to ease the transition? Did you get any help along the way?

I started by eating lazy keto for a while (not tracking, just avoiding sugar, bread and pasta etc and only eating low carb food) and then I joined this page watched it for a couple of weeks and started tracking properly. I started walking each day and that slowly changed to jogging and running. I also joined a gym and paid a personal trainer to write up a plan for me to follow.

Victoria's started lifting weights and it's paying off!
Victoria’s started lifting weights and it’s paying off!

Describe your ‘AHAH!’ Moment

My first day trying strict keto was fantastic, it was food I loved, I wasn’t hungry and I had more energy. I was worried that I’d be hungry all the time but I felt so full. I didn’t really have an ahah moment – I knew I was killing myself slowly. One day I just started. I truly believe it’s not about willpower. It’s consistency that’s the key. Making things a habit and being prepared is how to get results.

Do you think keto is something you’ll continue doing long term.

I will always eat keto or at least low carb, I have tried bread and other high carb foods and I’ve found that I feel sick afterwards and crave more carbs so it’s not worth it. Keto really suits me – I LOVE steak and would eat it all the time if I could so I doubt that will change.

What was your starting weight, and what is it now? How long have you got to go to reach your goal weight, or if you have – where to from here?

I started in September 2018 at 98kg but I was over 100kg earlier that year. I reached 60kg in May this year. I currently float around 60-63kg – I hardly ever weigh myself now though. I go by how I feel. My goal was originally 55kg but I’m pretty happy at where I am and to get to that I’d have to be a lot stricter than I am . Also, now that I have started doing weights and running, I find I don’t care about my weight as much – as long as my clothes fit I’m happy. My next big step is skin surgery (Abdominoplasty) I’ve had my first appointment and I’m optimistic about getting it done in the next couple of years.

How did you feel day to day before you changed your lifestyle? And How do you feel now day to day?

I can’t remember exactly how I felt before keto – tired I’m guessing and probably sore. I was so sick of being unfit and if having to wear only plus sized clothing. My back was always hurting back then. Now I feel pretty good most of the time. I can run and climb and trying on clothes is a LOT more fun.

How good does she look! Unreal!
How good does she look! Unreal!

Any new goals you have set out for yourself from a health perspective?

I’d like to try to get back a bit more strict, I’ve been slacker over winter. Partly because it’s so cold and partly because I have separated and live alone for the first time ever (it’s harder to exercise when you are home alone with a kid!). I’ve also started uni so that’s had an impact too. My main goal is to balance everything in my life without going crazy.

What is your advice for anyone wishing to get started and shed the weight?

Just start now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Life is too short not to try. It’s confusing at first but I promise it gets easier. You just need to start. Read the announcement post you keep hearing about, use the calculator to work out your macros and download a tracking app (I like Carb manager). Also, listen to the admin – they know what they are talking about! I 100% get that life can make it hard, but it’s worth making your health a priority. In the last year I have separated from a 23 year relationship, lost 40kg and started uni, all while working two jobs and looking after my kids. When I think about it I feel exhausted, and it’s not going to get easier BUT… it’s definitely worth the effort. I wasted too many years feeling fat and miserable.

Thanks for the chat Victoria! If you’re unsure of how to get started on your own journey, make sure to read our FAQ and join our facebook group, where you’ll find her and thousands of others who are crushing their health and fitness dreams! Keto on!