MOTM: August 2018

We are proud of all of our members, but Julie has been with us since the beginning. We’re very proud of her results and her commitment to her health. Julie is proof that nutritional keto works, dedication and consistency pays off. Well done Julie! You are our Member of the Month for August 2018 (and inaugural one at that)!

Here’s what Julie had to say!

“Back in December 2016 I was diagnosed pre diabetic and got off my butt to loose some weight. Gone back and forth with what I already knew and got no where because my head wasn’t in it. Fast forward 12mth and I am a diabetic and I knew for the health of me and my babies I had to do something. January 1st 2018 I started my keto journey. My cousin sent me a 2 week plan and I followed it to a tee for a month and saw great results.

By February I found Chris and Keto for Beginners. And that’s when things really amped up. I knew nothing about macros and electrolytes. Chris was awesome answering any of my silly beginners questions and helped me sort the macros. I at this point also included exercise (mostly walking) and I have not looked back.

In the 6 1/2months I have gone fromA size 26-28 to a 16-18 and lost 40kg, reduce my blood sugars (although I will always be a diabetic) blood pressure is perfect and so are all my other blood results.

This woe works, how well you ask? Well that is up to you on how committed you are“.

Some truly inspiring words form Julie! Want to hear more about her journey? Follow her on her Instagram or find her on our facebook group where’s she’s a super active member helping plenty of people get started on their own journeys!