MOTM: January 2019

Unreal effort = Unreal results!

Meet the recently married JJ & Kelsey! These two superstars embarked on their keto journey together to lose some weight before their upcoming wedding, as well as improving the health of their young family – and they absolutely smashed it! We were lucky enough to catch up with them for a chat.

So what made you guys decide to want to lose weight? Have you tried dieting before, and if so – any success?

JJ: Kelsey said to me one day that she wanted to try Keto to lose some weight for our wedding and I said that I’d try it with her to support her and after thinking about it, weighing myself and thinking about my family history with heart attacks I decided that I needed to make a change to my lifestyle to life a healthier and longer life for our daughter Willow and our future children. Kelsey lost a large amount of weight on Herbalife before she had Willow. I’ve never really stuck to a diet I have lost weight before just by cutting out soft drink or doing more exercise but never large amounts and not for prolonged periods.

Kelsey: For me I definitely feel like I felt more pressure to lose weight than JJ. I had lost 25kg in 2016 and fell pregnant straight away. I used being pregnant as an excuse to slip back into old habits and had a horrible labour experience because I was so unhealthy by the time it came to delivery.
I didn’t want my husband to resent me for not being able to provide him with a family because I was too selfish to do anything about it. So I did something about it. Looking amazing on our wedding was the sweetest cherry on top of the cake though.

JJ & Kelsey

Love it! What made you decide to try Keto Kelsey?

Kelsey: It was just something I’d seen pop up in my newsfeed heaps. We’d tried Paleo and hated it cause you can’t have any dairy so we felt like keto was the best of both worlds!

What changes did you guys make in the house to ease the transition? Did you get any help along the way?

Kelsey: For our household I think it helped that I do the shopping – I have more willpower than JJ! Not saying that we haven’t had our slip ups because we absolutely have. But if the foods not there in the first place you can’t eat it, and as time went on and we started to feel better and better we craved bad food less and less. The group has helped us heaps!!

JJ: The main change was our shopping – we stuck to the outsides of the supermarket meats, cheese, veggies and berries and stopped buying packaged food I’ve noticed our recycling has gone from being full in the 1st week to being 3/4 full by the time it gets picked up every fortnight.We haven’t had any help as such from outside of this group but my family has definitely tried to be supportive even if they didn’t quite understand how the diet worked.

JJ getting LEAN!

That’s great guys! Do you think keto is something you’ll continue doing long term?

Kelsey: Yeah definitely. I don’t miss the heavy, bloated feeling I used to have constantly. I ate naan bread the other night for Valentine’s Day and I had the worst nights sleep ever!!!

JJ: Yeah it’s definitely a lifestyle I want to stick to I feel alot better and have more energy than usual whilst eating this way so I have no reason to stop eating this way when it is working.

What was your starting weight, and what is it now? How long have you got to go to reach your goal weight?

Kelsey: I started at 127.1kg (4/9/2018) and this morning (20/2/2019) I weighed in at 95.2kg – I haven’t really set myself another goal as I’ve already met my original goal. I think I’d like to be in a healthy BMI range as I’m currently still classed as obese.

JJ: My starting weight was 114.8kg. I’m currently at 85.2kg. My goals were 95kg by Xmas, 90kg by our wedding and 85kg long term. I reached all 3 before our wedding I weighed in at 84.8kg two days before our wedding.

Their biggest motivator!

Any new goals you guys have set out for yourselves from a health perspective?

Kelsey: To have a healthy pregnancy and labour.

JJ: I’ve just started going to the gym for the first time in my life and want to get down to sub 20% body fat. I believe I lie somewhere between 25-29% currently. I’m also completing a 5km charity walk and would like to be able to do the 10km by this time next year.

What is your advice for anyone wishing to get started and shed the weight?

JJ: Become a sponge absorb all the information within the page. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most importantly find the reason you’re doing this and remind yourself of it every time you’re about to slip up.

Kelsey: Weigh what your eating and track everything!

Lovely talking to you guys, and what an amazing journey you’ve been on! I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to an update in the future!

Mr & Mrs Collett