MOTM: September 2018

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen Nadia floating around the group! Answering questions, posting up some delicious food ideas and joining in on our theme days, she’s been with us since the early days and it’s our absolute honour to announce her as September’s member of the month!

So Nadia, what got you started?

“I was obese according to my BMI, I’m only 153cm tall so it was pretty bad. I had heard that reducing inflammatory foods helps with rheumatoid arthritis which I had had all my life, thanks mum! So I wanted to give it a go to see if it would work for me. Within 2 weeks I saw a dramatic difference, I had little to no back pain and could be on my feet for longer without needing a break. From taking 2-3 painkillers a day to needing none all winter is just amazing for me”.

When did this way of eating start to ‘click’ for you?

“For me, it was basically understanding what certain foods were doing to my body, not only weight wise but with the inflammation as well. My trigger is wheat, not dairy (thank goodness because I love cheese haha) and just making a decision to do this properly this time. I had had about 3-4 attempts at keto before this time. Each time, something was sticking, I didn’t think of it as failing, more of a gradual leap. So when I decided to give it another crack it was fairly easy as I had already weaned off sugar and a lot of other junk. Once I started seeing benefits, it cemented my decision. My starting weight officially was 68.2kg and it is now 54.5kg. My goal is to maintain anywhere from 50-53kg so not long to go now”.

What made you decide to stick with keto?

“Before cutting all the crap from my diet I was always tired, hungry, annoyed, short tempered, had anxiety and terrible sleeping patterns. By the first month, my sleep settled, am now getting 7-8 solid hours a night which I think has contributed to my stabilised moods during the day. I am eating a lot better now, possibly even eating more vegetables than before as I feel like I have to make the carbs count! My skin is glowing and my confidence is out of this world!”

Any hurdles along the way?

“Some of my biggest hurdles is definitely food choices and getting the best bang for my buck in the beginning. Definitely missing my fruit, summer will be a challenge but i think I’m in the right frame of mind by now to not blow it all!”

Any tips for anyone looking to get started?

“My advice would be to just start, you don’t need to do copious amounts of research, there is plenty of advice given here for free, and take it gradually, like I said it took me a few attempts to get on track. A slow loss is better than a fast gain!”

Nadia’s journey so far has been nothing short of inspirational, and we are grateful that she’s been able to share that with us in the group. She’s one of our groups most recognised faces, and for good reason!

Want to hear more about her journey? Follow her on her Instagram or find her on our facebook group where’s she’s busy helping plenty of people get started on their own journeys!