Optimising Keto for Performance

When you are a hard training human and switch to keto there is going to be a period where performance may drop off as your body adapts to the different “primary” fuel source. Carbs are such an easy fuel source for the body and after years of carb reliance the body doesn’t respond well to a complete U turn in what it runs on.

When we evolved the ability to shift into ketosis there would have been regular periods of having to use this energy system to keep us alive. Regular periods with little to No available or edible plant matter so our bodies regularly shifted in and out of this state, even periods of fasting because there is no food available starts this system. Without it we would not be here today.

However most of us in Australia have been raised on a pretty carb based diet. The only time we were ketogenic may have been when we were being breastfed 🤣

So our body hasn’t had to put this system into action often enough to just shift over. This process initially takes between 4 and 6 week and many studies show that once adapted there is no loss of performance in just about any method of training. These studies have been run with many different athletes, From endurance to Elite Gymnasts, even a couple down with CrossFit athletes.

So the keys to optimising Keto for performance are fairly basic:-

➡️ HIGH Protein for recovery and repair
➡️ EAT ENOUGH FOOD You can’t have optimal performance AND be on restricting calories for too long
➡️ MICRONUTRIENTS eat high quality foods and take a multivitamin
➡️ BE prepared to have take 4-6 weeks to become Fat adapted.

The hard is what makes it great
The hard is what makes it great

I’ve been doing this for a long time now and trust me once your body has become fat adapted you won’t even notice any difference too before. Plus now if I drop out of ketosis it doesn’t take me that 4-6 weeks anymore to get back in.