With today being Transformation Tuesday, and tomorrow being Weigh in Wednesday, we usually see an influx of comments in the facebook group along the lines of:
– I’ve ‘only’ lost 2KG since I started three weeks ago
– I haven’t lost as much as x person
– I’m not noticing any changes in the mirror

Let’s get some perspective;
– You’re 2KG closer to your goal than you were three weeks ago
– You’ve made some great changes since you started
– You’re moving towards your goal, not further from it

Do not compare yourselves to others.

We aren’t all alike. We all work different jobs, with different hours. We sleep different amounts, and eat different amounts, and different foods. Our metabolisms are different. We’ve gained differently, we lose differently. Our hormones are different. Some of us work out, some don’t. We are old and young, some have kids and others don’t. If your female, your time of month can affect fluid retention, etc. Some foods may react differently with us. There are so many variables.

Make sure you’re tracking more than just your weight.

Take pictures. Take measurements. Look for improvements in your performance – is it easier to walk up that hill, have you shaved time off your morning jog or has your squat improved? Your weight on the scale is just one indicator, but remember it isn’t the only indicator – to put it another way.. Would you rather be at your goal weight but look drab, or be 3kg heavier and look fab?

Now, if you aren’t getting the results you were looking for – you need to ask yourself; “Have I done everything I can to achieve my goal”?

Results don’t come by accident.

Make sure you’re weighing and tracking everything, and that your macros are correct. Incorporate some exercise, and ensure that you’re spending adequate time at maintenance when recommended. Lookup Michael and Stephens posts (I’ll link some in below) over the last few weeks and ensure you’re putting it all into practice, if you need the extra push – we can help.

Don’t guess your way through hoping for success – PLAN FOR IT!