4 Week Winter Kickstarter – 17th of May 2021


Kickstart your weight loss this Winter!

Sold OUT!

Got the Winter Blues?

Everyone needs a bit more motivation and accountability when the days are getting shorter and the mornings are getting colder.

The winter bootcamp is designed to keep you accountable to your goals during the colder months this year. Through daily group check-ins and community interaction we be your mentors and your cheerleaders through the next 4 weeks.

Build Long Term Habits!

Building on the basic fundamentals of nutritional keto, we will go through tracking macros and planning your week, getting your daily steps in and moving more. We will help you make better choices and show you how to get back and stay on track.

Want more? Optional basic training program (gym or well setup home gym required) will be supplied upon request, however we’d like to stress that weight training is not the primary focus of this camp. Over the four weeks there will be movement accountability goals for you to progress through and building up each week!


Jessica B

Jess lost 8kg during our 6 week Bootcamp, but amazingly lost over 20cm from her body. She hit some key excercise goals, learning how to squat and lunge effectively and has noticed an improvement in her cardio.“I feel a lot better overall but what I really learned was how well I respond to strictness. I enjoy the challenge and being part of a group.I have a long way to go to my goal weight, but I've enjoyed every minute of bootcamp!”

Jarrod D

Now 21.2KG down from Mid December, I’m well on the right path to my goal weight. Boot camp took what I had already learnt from this fab group and raised it ten fold. I really enjoyed the training and nutrition! The team environment and accountability showed in the groups results.


Candice C

I cannot thank the team enough. They gave me the knowledge and power to take back control of my weight and turn my life around. Their clear and consistent information and guidelines are like nothing I have encountered before and have helped to make me the healthiest and happiest I have been in my whole life!