6 Week Advanced Bootcamp – 15 July 2019


Got the basics sorted but want to kick things up a notch with some of the more advanced techniques? We’ll show you how!

This Bootcamp is FULL! Look out for the next one!

Training & Nutrition

In our beginners camp we show you the ins and outs of ketogenic dieting, focusing primarily on fat loss and using the standard keto diet – as well as touching on some advanced techniques. Moving into the Advanced Bootcamp, we’ll guide you through putting those advanced techniques into practice.

You’ll have access to a training app where your workouts will be outlined for the six weeks. You will be given customised macros with ongoing tweaking as required as well as coaches to look over your food logs.

Optimise Your Performance & Body Composition

Some people experience a decline in their performance when switching to a Ketogenic Diet. Maybe their run times go down, strength in the gym, or performance in their chosen sport. We’ll teach you advanced techniques to help you perform at your best when you need to, so you don’t get left behind! These techniques will ensure you can adjust your body composition and performance to suit your needs.

Please note that this bootcamp assumes you’re already familiar with counting macros, basic use of gym equipment, etc. We can tweak your macros to suit fat loss – however this bootcamp is specifically designed to optimise your performance and training.

Jarrod D

Now 21.2KG down from Mid December, I’m well on the right path to my goal weight. Boot camp took what I had already learnt from this fab group and raised it ten fold. I really enjoyed the training and nutrition! The team environment and accountability showed in the groups results.


Michael G

As one of the coaches for Bootcamp I lead by example. I’ve lived and breathed keto from the perspective of fat loss and now as a member of Powerlifting Australia, I manipulate it, getting the most out of methods like CKD to maximise the explosive power I need to compete in my sport. I went from weighing 240kg to lifting it! I want to give you the tools to do the same.