FOUR WEEK PSMF Crash Course – 16th of November

$200.00 $150.00

Challenge yourself to GET IT DONE leading in to the Holiday Season!

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PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fasting) is one of the tools we use towards the end of our usual six week bootcamps. A highly effective protocol for fat loss and body re-composition, we will be your mentors over the four week period.

This is not our usual 6 week program that goes through the other methods of Ketogenic dieting – the
FOUR WEEK PSMF CRASH COURSE will be focused purely on the PSMF component of our usual bootcamp. It is a strict but proven rapid fat loss method. 

You’ll be shown how to manipulate your macros to best suit PSMF as well as being shown how to best setup and manage the carb refeeds that really enhance it’s effectiveness. Coming into the holiday season, PSMF is a great way to mitigate any holiday ‘damage’ while also giving yourself a bit of room to breathe.

You’ll have access to a training app where your workouts will be outlined for the four weeks. You will be given customised macros with ongoing tweaking as required and thrive in an environment of like minded bootcampers who all share one thing in common – a desire to kick ass!

Please note: you will be required to exercise and access to workout equipment will be required. For the AT HOME program, accessories such as bands, kettlebells, suspension rings, and a platform to step up on to will be greatly beneficial (most available from Kmart or sports stores). The AT GYM program will require access to most standard gym equipment.

Jessica B

Jess lost 8kg during Winter Bootcamp, but amazingly lost over 20cm from her body. She hit some key excercise goals, learning how to squat and lunge effectively and has noticed an improvement in her cardio. “I feel a lot better overall but what I really learned was how well I respond to strictness. I enjoy the challenge and being part of a group. I have a long way to go to my goal weight, but I've enjoyed every minute of bootcamp!”

Jarrod D

Now 21.2KG down from Mid December, I’m well on the right path to my goal weight. Boot camp took what I had already learnt from this fab group and raised it ten fold. I really enjoyed the training and nutrition! The team environment and accountability showed in the groups results.


Candice C

I cannot thank the team enough. They gave me the knowledge and power to take back control of my weight and turn my life around. Their clear and consistent information and guidelines are like nothing I have encountered before and have helped to make me the healthiest and happiest I have been in my whole life!



  • Willingness to commit and follow the program
  • Access to a phone/computer & kitchen scales
  • A Facebook profile is required to access and engage with the group
  • AT HOME: Bands, Kettlebells, Suspension Rings, A Step or Platform
  • AT GYM: Full GYM Access and familiarity with equipment
  • Please ensure any injuries are managed prior to signing up
  • Lose Fat & Build Muscle
  • Optimise Your Efforts & Results
  • Utilise PSMF and CKD Style Refeeds
  • Increase Fitness & Wellbeing
  • Succeed in a team environment
  • Learn how to perform at your best, when you need to