Stop the Yo-Yo Cycle!

Everyone knows by now we do things a little different in this group. We don’t use or advocate meal plans or shakes, and we encourage you to weigh and track your food – but let’s talk about WHY we do it this way.

First off, put your hand up if you’ve gone on a diet and followed a meal plan before? I bet almost all of you would put your hand up.

I bet most of you have managed to lose some weight before too.

Now – put your hands up if you’ve dieted, lost, and then put it all back on again.

Then we get upset, and go back to square one – trying another diet. Another meal plan. Another shake.

The Yo-Yo Diet Cycle
The Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

See the pattern here?

Would it be easier to give you a generic meal plan and tell you to go drink this shake and that shake? Sure, it’d save me heaps of time – but what would YOU learn? What do you do at the end when you’ve lost the weight and it’s time to maintain?

I was there. I’ve done the diets, the plans, the shakes. I’ve lost it and gained it all back, and then some more on the top for good measure. Let’s BREAK the cycle!

How do we do that though?

This is EXACTLY why we don’t do plans and shakes here. We encourage you to start weighing and tracking your food. By doing so, you’ll start to learn what is actually in your food and how much of it you should be consuming. Not based off of some generic meal plan, but based off of YOUR lean body mass, YOUR requirements!

I want to EMPOWER you to be able to change your macros to suit your own goals. Time to start bulking? Lets raise protein a little. Wanting to maintain? OK, let’s add some calories.

I want you to be able to jump on the scales with CONFIDENCE that regardless of what you see, you’ll be able to identify what’s happening, and make the changes yourself, to suit your GOALS and NEEDS.

I want you to be in CONTROL of your own journey.

Yes, it can be a bit harder to get started. Yes, there’s a bit more reading. Honestly though, once you get the hang of it, tracking should take no more than a couple of minutes a day.

You can pre-plan your meals whilst watching the commercial of your favourite show, or better yet, going for a walk – and if you do that, then you’re just following your own recipes when it comes to weighing and cooking! Doing it this way made my life SO much easier.

By the time you’ve reached your goal – you’ll have the KNOWLEDGE and tools to keep the weight off this time. No more yo-yo dieting. No more gaining it all back. No more diets that didn’t work for you.

YOU’RE in control this time!