Weight Loss isn’t Linear

How weight loss really looks.
How weight loss really looks.

Most people start dieting with the idea they’ll be losing weight at a consistent pace. This can be exacerbated by the big losses that usually happen in the early days of switching to keto.

People see a big loss their first and second week, but when this slows to more sustainable levels become disoriented and think the programs no longer working. Then throw in others chiming in with questions and answers like ‘I lost 6kg in four days’, or ‘how fast can I lose x’ and it starts to become very misleading.

This is not the reality – especially for women. Hormonal fluctuations, inflammation, the food we eat, digestion and movement of food through the bowel will all impact our scale weight. Even elite athletes that do this stuff day in and day out see fluctuations like this.

Make sure you are setting realistic goals and focus on forming good, sustainable habits that will not only help us initially, but help us long term – things we can adapt when our goals change.

You should be tracking

If you aren’t tracking, you’re really just guessing. How can you tell where you’re going wrong, what to change or manipulate? You don’t really know what you’re eating, and if you’re relying on visuals you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

I’ll put it another way – Do you think you can tell the difference between a 200g steak and a 220g steak? Or 200g of eggs vs 220g? Say you have three meals a day – you’re now 60g out. Splitting that 50/50 between protein and fat, and you’re almost 400calories over your target. You’ve just wiped out your deficit and you didn’t even know it.

Your scales suck

..if they’re the only tool your measuring with. They only measure your relationship with gravity. They won’t tell you how much water you’re holding, whether your clothes fit better or if you’re stronger or fitter than yesterday. Use a tape measure, use your clothes, use a mirror, take photos and measure your gym performance all together as points of reference for your progress.

Don’t only rely on the scales

Try to take these measurements at the same time (I do them first thing). For fun, you could weigh yourself after dinner, then again in the morning – see how much the scales change. You aren’t losing 1-3kg of fat overnight – other things changed. You sweat and breathe, you’ve probably pee’d and maybe pooped, you’ve slept which likely reduced some inflammation.. See what I’m getting at?

Don’t compare yourself to others

If I followed what Thor eats to get strong I’d get fat as hell. I simply don’t have the lean mass to support those eating habits. You aren’t the guy or girl next to you, or the person you’re comparing yourself to. Your plan is yours.
We’ve set out the steps you need to get started in the FAQ. We’ve got posts in our facebook group that can help you meal plan, design recipes, keep you accountable and motivate you. If you’re still stuck or just can’t stay accountable, you can join one of our bootcamps by clicking the link in the menu for a more personalised approach.

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