Yep, Calories Still Matter..

Many of you are coming here from other groups that have led you to believe you can eat fat to lose fat, and that ketogenic diets are ‘all about the fat’.

We don’t subscribe to that theory here. Calories matter, ketogenic or not. It’s why we don’t advocate BPC or Fat Bombs in this group (as many of you are here for fat loss).

Lose Fat, Keep Muscle!
Lose Fat, Keep Muscle!

The goal of any weight loss program should be to LOSE FAT and KEEP MUSCLE. How do we achieve this? By ensuring you eat adequate protein to help retain lean body mass. With carbohydrates already restricted, that means our calorie deficit must come by limiting our fat intake – and that’s OK – we want the rest of our energy needs to come from the fat on OUR BODY.

Lets paint a picture of someone wanting to lose weight.

Person A is 100kg female at 40% bodyfat. Their estimated total daily energy expenditure is around 1900 calories. We need to create a calorie deficit, say, 500 calories per day – for them to lose around 0.5kg of fat per week. So their total food intake will be around 1400 calories.

To maintain their lean body mass, they’ll need over 110g of protein. There’s 440 calories or so.

To ensure they get plenty of micronutrients, they’ll usually have around 25g of carbs, another 100 calories.

That leaves us with 860 calories for fat, or around 95g.

Take the average BPC – usually around 500 calories. A nutrient wasteland. Have just one of these a day, and you’ve used 1/3 of your daily calories on something that won’t benefit your health in any manner.

Throw in a fat bomb as a treat for the day, and you can kiss goodbye to most of the rest of your fat macro, again, with little benefit.

See, the problem here is now you’ve also limited your protein options. You’ve used all your fat – so you’re left with chicken breast and maybe some lean fish.

No more eggs. No more pork belly. No more steaks of lamb chops. No more avocado, not even a handful of nuts.

Caloric Restriction with Optimum Nutrition - Image courtesy of Ted Naiman
Caloric Restriction with Optimum Nutrition – Image courtesy of Ted Naiman

I often hear people say it’s too limiting to eat just chicken daily, or they go over their fat, because they can’t live without their bpc. Or, they go over their calories and don’t get the results they’re after.

Most of your fat intake should be coming along with your protein. Fattier cuts of meat, some avocado, a handful of nuts, some eggs, fish, etc.

Unless you have specific health issues there is little to fear from going over your protein intake – and given it’s both the most thermogenic and satiating macronutrient, it’s a win win. Reduce the fat a bit so the your total daily calories stay the same. You won’t get kicked out of ketosis from too much protein (this is a common myth).

You’ll be AMAZED how much more food you can eat when you aren’t accounting for half your calories in coffee and fat bombs. You’ll be AMAZED how good you feel as a result of getting all those extra nutrients in. And when you step on the scale, the results will be a bonus.